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Howard G. Wright, Ed.D.




Ed.D., Education Administration, Concentration Higher Education Administration
Tennessee State University

Ed.S., Administration of Higher Education
Alabama A & M University

M.B.A., Business Administration, Concentration Human Resource Management
Alabama A & M University

B.Sc., Agri- Business
Florida A & M University


Dr. Wright joined Life University in 2014 with nearly 8 years in higher education and 10 years in various corporate entities ranging from agriculture business to training and development. In his career in higher education, he served as academic advisor, mentoring program coordinator, and retention analyst. In his current capacity, he is responsible for Life University’s data reporting system and is the primary contact for all campus and off-campus constituents requiring data from the university.


Retention of African American Males in Higher Education

Continuous Quality Improvement in Higher Education


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Wright, H.G. (2004).  Faculty Perceptions of the Effectiveness of the Program for Addressing the Retention of African American Male Students at Alabama A&M University. Unpublished Education Specialist Thesis, Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL.


Wright, H.G. (2015).  Closing the Loop, Using Institutional Data for Research Planning.   Paper presented at the 2015 Georgia Association of Institutional Research Planning, Assessment and Quality (GAIRPAQ) Conference, April 30, 2015, Lake Blackshear Resort, Alabama

Wright, H.G. (2012). Continuous Improvement in Developmental Studies: A Panacea for Retention and Graduation Rate Improvement. Paper presented at the 26th  Annual Alabama Association of Developmental Education (ALADE) Annual Conference,  Shelton State Community College, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Wright, H.G. (2012). A Continuous Improvement Approach to Improving Advising            Effectiveness.  Paper  presented at the 2012 NACADA Alabama Academic Advisors Conference, University of  Alabama-Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama April 27, 2012.

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