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Faculty and Staff Development

Faculty and staff development is an important part of a career at Life University that includes a wide variety of opportunities and resources.

Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Committee (FDC) reviews and recommends Professional Development Grants and Research and Scholarly Activity Awards for Faculty and Staff at Life University with the purpose of assisting in developing skills for best practices in higher education. The FDC is also responsible for the Didactic Peer Review program for professional development.

Sherri Ziomek

Staff Development

The Life University Staff Council is a representative body that serves and represents the needs, concerns, and interest of all staff members while supporting the University’s mission, vision and Standards of Lasting Purpose. To contact the Staff Council Executive Board email

Danielle Holtman

Faculty and Staff Development Program

The Faculty and Staff Development Program (FSDP) is a quarterly event which occurs during the academic quarterly breaks, and allows everyone in the LIFE Community to gather with their colleagues, hear updates and important announcements from the Executive Office, and offers a series of workshops to enhance professional and personal development.  Various awards and recognition of faculty and staff accomplishments are given during FSDP.

The program is administered by the Faculty and Staff Development Program Committee, consisting of staff and faculty representatives from various administrative and academic departments.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact this committee to suggest ideas and give feedback on programs, or to request to serve on the committee. Any campus department may contact the FSDP Committee chairperson to request time on the quarterly FSDP schedule for announcements.

Bill Watson