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Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

A growing understanding of the health impact of sound nutrition, along with concerns about an aging population, food safety and a rise in nutrition-related disorders, is fueling demand for nutrition experts. Life University’s Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition provides you with just such an education to fulfill this demand.


“Since I learned the functional part of food, now I design my meals with that in mind. I’ve learned a lot of techniques here, new techniques. The professors teach the whole spectrum of ways to cook food, [how to] cook food in order to process the nutrients, consider the aroma, obtain some kind of texture and a wise combination of ingredients.”

Jose Hernandez (M.S. Clinical Nutrition alumnus)

M.S. Clinical Nutrition

What You’ll Learn

#1 – Understand and interpret the implications of clinical research.

#2 – Use such research in evidence-based practice and collect and analyze data.

#3 – Gain a strong understanding of “nutrigenomics,” the study of the effects of food on gene expression and an understanding of the biological activity of food components.

#4 – Take part in robust clinical research as well as advanced field rotations in community, clinical, teaching and management settings.

#5 – Provides students with foundation of physiology, nutrition across the lifecycle, emerging topics in nutrition, and a deep understanding of how nutrition impacts health and well-being.

Program Design

Students pursuing the research track are required to pursue a thesis or research project as part of the culmination of their graduate study. This scholarly learning experience provides the student with an opportunity to explore a specific area of clinical and/or research interest using statistical analysis and research design.

Students interested in the Practitioner Track will engage in advanced field experiences in the areas of management, community, clinical and teaching.

For more information on degree specifics, requirements and curriculum offerings, please visit Loading….

Career Opportunities

  • Nutrition education
  • Nutrition research
  • Community outreach
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Health and Wellness management

Clinical Nutrition CAREER

Clinical Nutrition DEGREE

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