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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Most students at Life University utilize financial aid to fund at least some portion of their education.

Life University is proud to utilize EagleNet  – a self-service tool to manage your student experience at LIFE!

As a college student, you will likely use financial aid to cover the cost of tuition and possibly to assist with the cost of living expenses. If applying for financial aid is new to you, it is important you take the time to research your options and find out the aid for which you qualify. Click here to view a valuable resource detailing the 2024-2025 educational costs to attend and funding opportunities.

Many college students are able to use work-study, loans, grants and/or scholarships to pay for their education, depending on eligibility. Please review those you are eligible for on the Financial Aid Programs page.

The financial aid award package and additional options vary greatly depending upon the degree in which you are seeking and registered credits. Keep in mind that registered hours not counting towards your degree cannot be used in determining your enrollment status for federal aid eligibility. You will want to be sure you understand the all the costs associated with being a student here and observe the financial aid instructions carefully. Here is the quarterly Cost of Attendance by program and credit range: 2024-2025 Cost of Attendance.

The best (and fastest) way to communicate with the financial aid team at LIFE is via email. We typically respond to email within 24 business hours and try to get you answers even faster than that when possible. See below for the contact information of the Financial Aid Counselor who will work with you based on your last name.

Financial Aid Staff

Romona Cephus: Financial Aid Counselor
Alphabet Assignment: L-S
770.426.2878 (p)
Schedule an Appointment
Netta Floyd: Financial Aid Counselor
Alphabet Assignment: A-E & T-Z
678.331.4347 (p)
Schedule an Appointment
Genevieve Randall: Financial Aid Counselor
Alphabet Assignment: F-K
770.426.2747 (p)
Schedule an Appointment
Michelle Nixon: Senior Financial Aid Systems Coordinator770.426.2944 (p)

General contact: 800.543.3345 (toll free). 770.426.2700 (local). 770.426.2926 (fax)

AddressContact Information
Learning Resource Center
1250 Life's Way, Building 800
Marietta, GA 30060
Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
800.543.3345 (toll free)
770.426.2700 (local)
770.426.2926 (fax)

International students are not eligible for federal or state funded financial aid but all can apply for Life University and external scholarships. International applicants will need to complete the I-20 Financial document in order to be eligible to attend. Please see the International Application page for details.

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