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Undergraduate Requirements

Undergraduate Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Life University’s Undergraduate programs! Whether you are applying straight out of high school, transferring from another university, or going back to college, we are ready and excited to assist you with the next steps to becoming a Running Eagle! Please review the undergraduate requirements below.

Life University has decided to continue waiving its SAT, ACT, and GRE test requirements for those students who anticipate matriculating for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. While the SAT combined score and sub-scores and the ACT Composite and sub-scores are used to determine course advisement and placement, they are not used as sole criteria for admissibility or inadmissibility. Further, if scores for SAT or ACT were not submitted, an ACCUPLACER test or other placement test is required prior to the start of the quarter.

The Enrollment Team at Life University must receive your application and supporting documents to begin the evaluation process!


Applicants with fewer than 36 quarter (24 semester) hours of transferable college credit must meet freshman admission standards. The following are minimum freshman applicant academic standards for full admission to LIFE’s Undergraduate degree-seeking programs:

    • An earned 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale), as indicated on an official high school transcript, or a passing GED score if a HS diploma is not earned.
    • The following test scores for ACT, SAT, and ACCUPLACER are the minimum and sub scores required for full admission as a freshman student:
      • English- ACT subscore of 18; SAT writing/language subscore of 25; Accuplacer Writeplacer score of 6;
      • Math- ACT math score of 20; SAT math score of 510; or ACCUPLACER NExt Generation Math of 245
      • Reading – ACT subscore of 18; SAT reading subscore of 25


The SAT combined score and subscores and the ACT Composite and sub-scores will be used to assess and determine course advisement and placement and will not be used as sole criteria for admissibility or inadmissibility.

Writing and Essay Components of the SAT/ACT are considered optional. While the specific essay and/or writing sections of these tests are not required for application and/or admission purposes and will not be considered during the admission review, they are used for advisement and placement purposes. Thus, you are encouraged to send all test scores to the Office of Enrollment. If scores for essay/writing sections of SAT/ACT are not submitted, an ACCUPLACER test or other placement test will be required prior to the start of the quarter.

First-Year Undergraduate applicants may provide an approved application fee waiver from ACT, College Board, or National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC). To submit an official waiver, please email or scan the original document to Upon receipt of an official waiver, a member of our admissions staff will reach out to you with instructions on submitting your application.


A transfer applicant is a student who has earned 36 quarter (24 semester) hours or more of transferable college credits after having graduated from high school or equivalent. (*Note: if all college credit was earned by test score credit or credit by exam (AP/CLEP/IB), dual enrollment during high school, and/or the summer immediately following high school graduation or equivalent, the applicant will be considered for admission as a freshman.)


Any applicant who only partially satisfies entrance requirements may be granted admission as a Provisional Student. There are four categories of Provisional Students:


    • Freshmen and transfers with fewer than 36 Quarter hours (24 Semester) of transfer credit who do not meet minimum admission requirements and/or students who score for ACT and/or SAT (See FRESHMAN ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS).
    • Transfer students who are not eligible to return to the last attended institution.
    • Transfer students with 36 Quarter hours (24 Semester) or more quarter hours of college work with an overall GPA of less than 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
    • If cumulative GPA is below 2.0, students may be asked to submit Appeal Letter and their file will be sent to the committee for review.

Acceptance into the Undergraduate program does not imply acceptance into the Didactic program for Dietetics, College of Chiropractic or the Graduate program.


Students are considered returning if they have been out for three quarters or more. After three quarters, students will need to take the following steps to be readmitted:

  • Students must reapply to the University after 3+ quarter hiatus
  • If the students have attended other colleges or universities since studying at LIFE, official transcripts must be obtained from those institutions
  • If cumulative GPA is below 2.0, students will need to write an appeal letter and their file will be sent to the committee for review.
  • Returning students may be subject to committee review if they have been out of school five years or longer.

Do you have questions about the Undergraduate Admission Requirements? Your Admissions Counselor is ready to assist!