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University Initiatives


With an eye on the future of sustained student professional growth and focus on increasing the vitalistic approach to health care, Life University (LIFE) dedicates itself to both local and global initiatives. Life University seeks to become the pre-eminent vitalistic health care educational institution in the world, as well as ensure our lasting legacy in leadership, strategic planning, stability, robust constituencies and delivery on our brand promise.

And, as Life University strives to position itself as the foremost leader in chiropractic healthcare, as well as a thought leader in advocating for positive change in healthcare policy, LIFE’s Board of Trustees conceived a strategic plan known as the 20/20 Vision to ensure that both its local and global efforts are successfully accomplished.

With this in mind, Life University supports the development, establishment and success of Chiropractic and a vitalistic paradigm not only at its Marietta, Georgia campus, but both nationally and around the world. Currently, our associated global efforts are located in Greater China, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Italy.