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Life Center for Seniors

Life University’s
Center for Seniors

The LIFE Center for Seniors (LCS) program was established in 1995 to provide services to senior citizens in the area who are interested in lifelong learning, self-improvement, health enhancement and connecting with fellow seniors.

The mission of LCS is to promote healthy aging and empower senior community members to engage in their health journey from a whole-body, vitalistic perspective by providing services and educational opportunities designed to enrich the physical, intellectual, social, environmental, spiritual, and emotional domains of health.

LCS is more than just a senior center; it is a mutually beneficial environment which includes involvement with Life University students, faculty, staff as well as outside volunteers and organizations. Run by volunteer members, the LCS offers a variety of programs and eight-week courses offered in the winter, spring, summer and fall quarters that provide the opportunity to learn about and actively engage in fitness, computer literacy (beginner to advanced), wellness, nutrition, cooking and more.

Membership begins at age 55 and the annual membership fee is $40. Membership benefits include:

  • Participation in free guest lecture series
  • Use of our state-of-the-art Wellness Center
  • Use of the Life University tennis courts
  • Use of the Life University Library
  • Use of our five-mile walking/running trails

If you are 55 or older (or the spouse of a current member) and are interested in improving your health, expanding your horizons and connecting with other mature adults in a learning and thriving community, call the LIFE Center for Seniors.

Dr. Stephanie Sullivan
(770) 426-2666

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