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University Advisement

Life and Academic Skills

Our newest student resource on campus is our Academic Success Coaching. Whereas academic advisors focus on the strategic path toward graduation, our academic coaches are trained to equip students with the necessary skills to identify and navigate obstacles to academic success.

Campus Integration

Our coaching team zeroes in on what it takes to be a successful student. In a one-on-one ongoing coaching relationship, our coaches assess student needs through a series of interviews and instruments designed to help students understand how they learn and perform their roles as a student. As a part of this process, our coaching team engages students in the process of establishing academic and personal goals and monitors progress toward achieving them.

Personal Development

Research shows that students who build meaningful relationships with at least one individual during their time at a university become much more engaged, which leads to a stronger and more lasting relationship with the university and the student’s ultimate goals. Our academic coaches aim to build that relationship, addressing such issues of feeling stuck, and the pursuit of purpose, clarity, and passion. Coaches will work with students to improve their social, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Behavioral Changes

What does it mean to study? What do I do with my time? How do I get it all done? As a part of the coaching process, students will spend time examining their own academic behaviors and how those behaviors impact their performance and progress toward their goals. Students will be able to participate in targeted workshops as well as one-on-one sessions geared to improve the way they approach being a student at Life University.

Coaching Appointments

Whether students are assigned to coaches as a part of their admissions process or pursue coaching to improve their chances of performing well academically and getting into their chosen graduate or professional school, our coaches are eager to build a weekly or biweekly relationship tailor-made to suit their individual needs.

Undergraduate Program

  • Students admitted provisionally are required to meet with an Academic Success Coach during their provisional period.
  • All probation students must meet with an Academic Success Coach.

Graduate Program

  • All probation students must meet with an Academic Success Coach.

Doctor of Chiropractic Program

  • Students admitted as Alternative Admissions Track (AAT) students are required to meet with an Academic Success Coach for the first few quarters of their program.
  • All probation students must meet with an Academic Success Coach.

Need to make an appointment with an Academic Success Coach?