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Faculty Directory TEST

Life University’s Online Faculty Directory

Welcome to Life University’s Online Faculty Directory! Here you will find a comprehensive list of our esteemed faculty members. Life U’s faculty are highly qualified professionals committed to helping our students reach their academic and professional goals. They are dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience and cultivating an environment of learning and growth.

Life University employs over 200 full-time, part-time and adjunct faculty. We are proud that 81% of our faculty hold terminal degrees and that most have extensive experience in the private sectors of their respective industries.

Displaying 1 - 100 of 160

Last Name First Name
Abbatinozzi Michael
Abghari Shahla
Ahujaa Nidhi
Al-Kofahi Mahmoud
Allen Sarah
Amodio Carl
Amos Mark A.
Amos Michael
Andrews Russell
Barnes-Jones Josias
Belcastro Elizabeth
Bell David M
Bernal Steven
Bhogal Ramneek
Bhogal Stephanie O'Neill
Billups Paula L.
Bisiacchi Debrai
Bloomingdale Stephen Allen
Blumsack Paul
Bourdeinyi Andrei
Bradford Cara
Brown-Ware Mamie Elaine
Bruce Kathryn
Brumbaugh Trent
Bush James
Cabrera Astrid
Capes Marni
Carter Robert
Carter William G.
Carter James
Castro Katheryne
Ceccato Kelley
Clark Eric
Clough Margaret
Conroy Timothy
Crich Alexandra
Dever Lydia Louise
Dew Jason Michael
Donaldson Paul
Dowlen Christina
Downes John
Dubuc Jean-Francois
Dubuque Robert
Duran Gustavo
Elsangak Hussein
Esposito Susan
Farmer Charles
Ferguson Mitchell
Finnegan Sean
Flores Thomas
Forese Joseph
Fox Bruce
Friedman Daniel Harry
Fuqua Whitney
Good Shannon
Gooding Tim
Goodwin Orenthio
Guagliardo Joseph
Guyot Ghislaine Claude
Hall Sherterica
Hamilton William G.
Hammond Henry
Hamrang Roohieh
Hanson Linda
Harman Bruce
Harrison Deidre Janelle
Hartman Jonathan
Hayes Lallie
Herman Charmaine A.
Hochman Jerry Irwin
Huber Laura
Idahosa Martins
Inserra Paula
Janiak Adam
Jimenez Cassandra
Kang Kelly
Kassorla Michelle
Kastine Jeremiah
Katz Ilana
Kessel William G.
Kimbrough Pamela S.
Knapton Jodie
Kramer Kerry
Krantz Andrew
Krothe Lynn
Kwon Christie I-suk
Lander Jeff
Langston Kinard Brigette
Laws Georgianna
Lee Christopher
Lee Hall Lamardra
Librone Phillip
Lim-Wilson Fatima
Love Amanda
Lu Fuhua
Lunsford Billy
May Marisa
Mayne Ronald G.
Mcintosh Andrew
Michel Daniel
Last Name First Name