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College of Online Education

College OF
Online Education

Life University firmly believes our students shouldn’t be held back from a rare educational opportunity because of time constraints or distance.

Life University’s College of Online Education strives to give our students a chance for an individualized education no matter where they reside. We are continually expanding our offerings to help spread the Life University philosophy and educational values across the globe.

Why choose Life University’s College of Online Education?

Affordability. Life University’s tuition and books may be less expensive than competing schools.

Convenience. Take classes on your schedule, within a timeframe that lets you balance work, family and life.

Support. You won’t go on this journey alone. Our dedicated faculty and staff will be with you every step of the way.

Faculty. Our professors care about you and want you to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Whether it’s on screen or on campus, we’ll help you devise an educational plan that works for you.


“When I changed from clinical psychology and started at Life U, I was surprised by how many new approaches I learned. It was helpful to see that there was another way to do this.”

Jonathan Powell, Online M.S. Positive Psychology

Explore Life University's online degree programs for a convenient and flexible way to earn your bachelors degree online.

Meet online faculty member and Assistant Professor of Coaching Psychology, Dr. Mickey Parsons. Discover how Life University helps our online students overcome any obstacles of distance learning. And, learn how students meet their career goals no matter where they choose to begin their educational journey.

Interested in Online Learning?
Join Our Webinars!

You’re invited to a College of Online Education (COE) Admissions webinar to learn about prerequisites, admissions requirements, the application process, and more! Register at one of the links below. If you have any questions, please contact Sa’Quinn Barnes at

Online Programs

Anatomy & Physiology, B.S.
Biology, B.S.
Biopsycholgy, B.S.
Business Administration, B.B.A.
Computer Information Systems & Technology, B.S.
Health & Wellness, A.S.
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.
Psychology, B.S.
Master in Positive Psychology, M.S.

Interested in eventually attending Life University for our world-renowned Doctor of Chiropractic degree? We’ve got you covered with an online Pre-Doctor of Chiropractic program to guide you on a fast track with all the prerequisites you’ll need for admissions.

Pre-Doctor of Chiropractic

Online Education

Online college degrees are recognized as equal to in-person degrees
earn an online bachelor's or online master's degree from Life University
distance learning provides you an opportunity to earn your degree online

Our College of Online Education provides an opportunity to earn degree remotely

College of Online Education

Life U Academic