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About Life University

We are pioneers leading the vitalistic health revolution.

Life University is home to a diverse community of learners, teachers, hard workers and innovators looking to make a positive difference in our communities, nation and world. We believe that all people are interconnected and that we serve a community larger than ourselves. In fact, it’s the principle that our institution was founded upon, Lasting Purpose, that gives us this sense of responsibility and charges us to give, to do, to love, to serve — out of our own abundance.

Additionally, Life University is known not just for serving, but for what it is we serve. We are a health sciences institution built on a philosophy that realizes that the body is more than bones, tissue, organs and blood; it contains a specific, guiding intelligence that aids its responses to outside interferences. This intelligence is called Vitalism, the understanding and principle that all organic systems in the universe are conscious, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing. We believe this philosophy is worth spreading to the world, and although we are a relatively small University, we do just that through big Initiatives.

And of course, we can only achieve our big goals if our academic foundation is thriving and producing the best vitalistic healthcare professionals in the world. That’s why we are not satisfied with maintaining the status quo, as we are constantly evaluating and making improvements to our pedagogy, technology and facilities to provide our students with all they need for success. By producing skilled graduates ready for the workforce and to serve their fellow man, Life University will help ensure that as many individuals as possible are functioning at their optimal potential.


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