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Board of Trustees New

Life University’s
Board of Trustees

The members of the Life University Board of Trustees comprise some of the greatest minds in Chiropractic, finance, law and education. Their combined experience has helped build Life University into the largest chiropractic college in the world.

Life University

Kevin Fogarty, D.C.
Charmain of the Board

Elected Board of Trustees Chairman in July 2015, Dr. Kevin Fogarty has served on the LIFE Board for almost eight years and is currently a postgraduate faculty member at the University. Dr. Fogarty is the owner of The Fogarty Chiropractic Life Clinic in Rockledge, Florida and serves as the chair of the Florida Board of Chiropractic, as well as being involved in many more chiropractic organizations and associations. He is a 1985 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Jay Handt, D.C.
Chairman, Development and International Affairs Committees
New York

Board of Trustees member Dr. Jay Handt, a graduate of New York Chiropractic College, is a founding member of LIFEforce and the New York Chiropractic Council, a New Beginnings board member and a partner in the InnerWinners Seminars. He has been an unwavering supporter of LIFE’s President’s Circle and loves being a facilitator at LIFE Leadership Weekends, helping prospective students discover how Chiropractic fits in their lives. His wife Mrs. Kathi Handt is a member of the league of Chiropractic Women, and both his son Dr. Josh Handt and daughter Dr. Morgan Handt are also chiropractors.

Sandra Elbaum, D.C.

Board of Trustees member Dr. Sandy Elbaum, a 1990 graduate of LIFE, has been in family practice since 1991 in Chester, Virginia with her husband and fellow LIFE graduate Adam Elbaum, D.C. Along with representing many chiropractic organizations within the state of Virginia and beyond, Dr. Elbaum is a LIFE P.E.A.K. doctor, a State Alumni Representative for LIFE, a LIFEforce doctor and a member of LIFE’s President’s Circle. She was named Chiropractor of the Year in 1999 and 2007 by the Virginia Society of Chiropractic.

The Honorable Jack Griesbaum, J.D.

Board of Trustees member Jack Griesbaum, a graduate of St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio, Texas, is an experienced lawyer and judge, most recently serving as Brevard County judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court in Florida. He was appointed to this position by former Governor Jeb Bush in 2000 and retired in January 2015. He won many awards for his service to the state.

Randolph O’Del, D.C.

Board of Trustees member Dr. Randolph O’Dell, a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate, has more than 30 years of experience in Chiropractic. He practices at Walled Lake Chiropractic in Walled Lake, Michigan with his son and Life University graduate Dr. Chris O’Dell. Dr. Randolph O’Dell is currently serving as Oakland County’s district Board Member for the Michigan Association of Chiropractors.

Eddy Diaz, D.C.
Chairman, Executive Compensation Committee
Puerto Rico

Dr. Eddy Diaz, a 1995 Life University graduate and Board of Trustees member, is a pioneer for the principle of Chiropractic in Puerto Rico. Along with being an incredible member of our LIFEforce team, he has practiced in Puerto Rico since 1996, tremendously growing principled chiropractic awareness in the country. To learn more about Dr. Diaz, his wonderful wife Neia Diaz and the amazing work he has done in Chiropractic, check out this story from the archives of Life University’s alumni magazine, Your Extraordinary LIFE.

Jeffrey Aita, D.C.
Chairman, Board Affairs Committee
South Carolina

Board of Trustees member Dr. Jeffrey Aita, a 1979 graduate of National College of Chiropractic, has been in practice since 1980, and is currently practicing and managing a multi-chiropractor office in Bluffton, South Carolina. Dr. Aita is a LIFEforce doctor and member of LIFE’s President’s Circle. He lives an innate driven and vitalistic lifestyle to the extent that two of his children are also chiropractors.

Aaron Gagnon, CPA, CIA

Board of Trustees member Aaron Gagnon, CPA, CIA, was elected to the LIFE Board in July 2012. He is a 1994 Accounting graduate of Kennesaw State University and is currently the Partner, Chief Audit Officer for McKinsey & Company.

Leana Kart, D.C.

Board of Trustees member Dr. Leana Kart is a 1987 graduate of Life University. She has been in practice for more than 20 years at Northwest Chiropractic in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Kart personally trained under LIFE founder Dr. Sid Williams in dynamic essentials and peak performance certification. She has been ranked as a top doctor in the city of Atlanta.

Dr. Mary Olodun
South Carolina

Dr. Mary Olodun, a graduate of Trinity College of Natural Health with a Doctorate in Naturopathy, was elected to the Life University Board of Trustees in April 2023. Dr. Olodun is the Founder of Trilera, a natural health and wellness practice with a vision of helping clients learn to balance their mind, body and spirit through holistic practice. Dr. Olodun is an Army and Navy Veteran with 30 years of service. She is passionate about “helping people heal,” and practices this principle as her company’s motto.

Janell E. Gibson, Ph.D.
Chairman, Academic Affairs Committee

Board of Trustees member Dr. Janell Gibson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Georgia, as well as a Master of Science in Psychology and Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Nova Southeastern University. She brings more than 20 years of higher education administration experience to the Board. She is currently the Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Columbia Southern University.

Joseph Lupo, D.C.

Board of Trustees member Dr. Joseph Lupo is a 1978 graduate of Life Chiropractic College (now Life University). He is a board certified chiropractor through the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, a Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner (CCWP) and a non-surgical disc herniation specialist with Spinal Aid Centers of America. Dr. Lupo is a member of numerous organizations at LIFE, most notably the President’s Circle, Elite 150 and LIFEforce, and was named Life University alumnus of the year in 2005. He has practiced in Roseville, Michigan at Lupo Chiropractic Life Center since 1978.

Richard Giuli, BS

Board of Trustees member Richard “Rich” Giuli, a graduate of California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo, is the Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. He is married to LIFE graduate Amie Bend, D.C. Both are the lead contributors to Life U’s Generations Wall project, which recognizes families that exemplify the passage of the Chiropractic torch down through their family members, generation to generation, helping to ensure the health of a nation

Stuart Katzen, M.S., D.C.

Dr. Stuart Katzen was elected to the Life University Board of Trustees in July 2019. He graduated from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He then continued his studies at Life University, Marietta, Georgia, graduating with both a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (Cum Laude) and a Master of Science degree in Sport Health Science in 1997. Dr. Katzen is the owner and director of two Chiropractic offices in the Philadelphia region, and he lectures extensively in the surrounding communities on topics such as natural health, Chiropractic, nutrition, athletic performance and safety at the workplace.

R. Gregg James, D.C.
Board Member Emeritus

Dr. R. James Gregg is one of the co-founders of Life University and has been in chiropractic practice in Garden City, Michigan since 1970. He was appointed to the Life University Board of Trustees in 2004 and was appointed as the first Board Member Emeritus at the July 2019 meeting of the Life University Board of Trustees.He has been honored with numerous awards and appointments throughout his career, including being named 1995 Chiropractor of the Year by the International Chiropractic Association. His son, Dr. James Gregg, a Life University graduate, practices alongside him at Greg Chiropractic Life Centers in Garden City.