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Evidence Informed Practice

The Savvy Practitioner and Consortium of
Evidence-Informed Practice Educators

The Savvy Practitioner is a newsletter for practitioners and teachers of Evidence Informed Practice (EIP). It is a part of the Consortium of Evidence-Informed Practice Educators (CEIPE). Create a WordPress account and email for an invitation to set a username and password to access the CEIPE webpage.  The Life University representative contact is Dr. Michael Pryor.

Issue 9, 1/12/17
Issue 8, 11/17/16
Issue 7, 10/10/16
Issue 6, 8/29/16
Issue 5, 7/17/16
Issue 4, 6/11/16
Issue 3, 5/4/16
Issue 2, 1/10/16
Issue 1, 12/29/15