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Graduate Programs Overview

Graduate Programs Overview

Life University’s Graduate program offers four Master’s degrees, along with an accredited post-baccalaureate program that will prepare the student for careers in a variety of professional fields.

The Master’s in Sport Health Science (established 1990) leads to careers in fields such as sports chiropractic, exercise science, athletic coaching, sports injury management and performance nutrition.

The Master’s in Clinical Nutrition (established 2012) leads to careers in organizations such as physician’s offices, hospitals, schools, health clubs, nursing homes and food companies in areas such as research, development, sales, marketing, public relations and public education. Nutrition professionals with a Master’s degree are often considered first for positions in specialty fields such as pediatrics, critical care and geriatrics, as well as management positions.

The Master’s in Positive Psychology (established 2014) leads to careers in research, management and leadership in business organizations, educational institutions and governments, as well as health care. With two tracks covering general positive psychology and coaching psychology, students are prepared for careers in the field or advanced degrees of their choice.

The post-baccalaureate dietetics programs provide didactic and internship opportunities for students who aspire to achieve Registered Dietitian credentials.

The faculty and staff promote an atmosphere in which open communication and free exchange of ideas can flourish in a supportive environment.