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Student Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

Student Orientation FAQ

FAQs for Student Orientation

Do I have to attend all days of orientation?

Yes. It is very important to attend all aspects of orientation. You will receive important information and have a chance to engage with your classmates as well as faculty and staff members at LIFE. Orientation is a graduation requirement, all students new to Life University will need to complete orientation. Main campus students will need to complete both online orientation as well as on campus orientation before they attend classes.

When will I get my student ID?

You will have an opportunity to get your student ID during the resources fair the first day of orientation. You can also get it the first day of class in card services. Card Services is located next to the Student Advocacy desk.

When do I get my parking decal?

You will have an opportunity to get your parking decal during exhibit hall, during orientation. You need to have your student ID before you can get your parking decal. You can also get it the first day of class. For more information about Campus Safety, please click here.

What is a university advisor?

A University Advisor works closely with many departments on campus address students’ academic needs. Students visit the University Advisor at least once per quarter to discuss registration and course selections for the upcoming quarter. At the completion of two quarters with the College of Chiropractic and three quarters in the College of Undergraduate Studies, students are transitioned to a Faculty Advisor for the remainder of their academic career. However, the University Advisors are always there to help.

How do I find out who my university advisor is?

The University Advisors make contact with students after acceptance by the Enrollment Management team. They discuss orientation and class scheduling for the students’ first few quarters. You can contact the University Advising Center to find out more information at 770.426.2667 or log into EagleNet.

Where is my appointment with my university advisor?

You will meet with your university advisor in their office located in the University Advising Center, located in the College of Chiropractic Building.

Where can I receive chiropractic care as a student?

All students and their immediate families (parent, spouse and dependent child living in the same household) can receive chiropractic care at no charge at the Campus Center for Health and Optimum Performance (CC-HOP).

Where is the CC-HOP?

The CC-HOP is located in the Harris Center building (by Lyceum Park).

How can I be a patient at CC-HOP?

In order to be a patient, you can call 770.426.2664 and tell them you’d like to begin care. An office assistant will record your contact information, and you should receive a phone call from a student Intern within a week.

How do I access the Fitness Center?

All students can access the Fitness Center to work out, take classes and request the services of a personal trainer once they have completed a Wellness Center liability form. Spouses can also access the center by contacting the center director, Danea Glanton,

Do I have to change my driver’s license and tags?

For information about this, please refer to the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

What do I need to bring to orientation?

For a short list of things to bring with you to orientation, please refer to the Orientation check list.

What do I need to do to register to vote?

If you wish to register to vote, you can visit the Student Affairs office for a voter registration form. You can also access resources online by clicking here.