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Master in amministrazione aziendale

Master of
Amministrazione aziendale

& Positive Leadership. Online.

Our MBA program incorporates the essentials of positive psychology, which include personal well-being, resilience and goal-setting principles, into a robust business curriculum. The outcome is a comprehensive curriculum that extends far beyond traditional business concepts, inspiring students to reach their full potential both as successful business professionals and as individuals. The framework of leadership as coaching is examined throughout the program.

Setting our MBA apart from the field further, we integrate the philosophy of Vitalism and the principle of Scopo durevole, which are central to Life University, into the course design and instruction of our MBA program.

What makes our MBA Unique?

The MBA & Positive Leadership program focuses on developing business professionals through the lens of positive psychology and the principles of personal well-being. Students will gain the tools and strategies to transform their own mindsets and create a positive work environment for their employees.

The faculty at Life University is renowned for their expertise in positive leadership and offer a wealth of knowledge to students.

The Life University’s MBA & Positive Leadership program is a 60-quarter credit hours degree program and can be completed in an accelerated online format. This allows students the flexibility to complete the program on their own time and at their own pace.

The philosophy of Vitalism and coaching approach are incorporated into the course design and instruction offered in the MBA program.

The courses offered in the MBA & Positive Leadership program at Life University cover the essential topics of business and industry-relevant courses that help graduates build and strengthen their core competencies and skills.

This program will teach students the knowledge and skills to become successful business professionals and effective, transformational leaders.

An MBA with a focus on Positive Leadership will enhance your business career.

MBA and Positive Leadership

Cosa imparerete

Life University’s MBA and Positive Leadership program fosters professional and personal development by teaching the fundamentals of psicologia positiva e Vitalism, with a focus on goal setting, resilience and creating a positive work environment.

The unique approach to the MBA & Positive Leadership program at Life University focuses on developing the individual, rather than teaching just the traditional business skills, making it stand out from other programs.

The MBA & Positive Leadership program at Life University equips students with the key business and industry-relevant skills to become successful business professionals.

Progettazione del programma

  • 60 quarter credit hour degree program. Accelerated.
  • Complete in one year
  • Focuses on developing business professionals through the lens of positive leadership
  • Principles of personal well-being, resilience and goal setting
  • Transform mindsets & create/manage a positive work environment for employees
  • Essential topics of business & industry relevant courses
  • Philosophy of Vitalism e coaching approach
  • Gain knowledge & skills to become successful business professionals & better overall people

For more detailed curriculum information, please see the Catalogo accademico.

Opportunità di carriera

  • Consultant
  • Analista finanziario
  • Financial Controller
  • Medical and health services manager
  • Brand or Product Manager


A Masters in Business Administration, focused on Leadership, can enhance your earnings and growth potential


Life U Accademico