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Title IX Education and Training

Title IX Education and Training

Life University remains committed to fostering an environment where students, faculty, staff and visitors are free from gender-based discrimination. In support of the university’s commitment, the Title IX Office is dedicated to educating campus community members about Title IX related issues and relevant federal and state laws. Education and training are important tools in preventing and responding to incidents of gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, stalking and retaliation (collectively “sexual misconduct”). The Title IX Office offers a variety of training and programs designed to facilitate critical conversations and raise awareness regarding sexual misconduct. We offer ongoing educational programming on bystander intervention, healthy/unhealthy relationships, effective consent and other relevant topics. To request a presentation or educational programming, please click on the provided below.

Title IX Training

The Title IX Office recognizes the importance of preventing sexual misconduct, so it offers a variety of educational programming, including primary prevention and awareness training for new students and new employees. Awareness and education are essential in building and maintaining a safe campus community, so the university has required training for incoming student and new employees.

Employee Training

All new employees are required to complete New Hire Orientation, which includes information related to sexual harassment and Title IX. Employees are also required to complete interactive training modules regarding harassment prevention and Title IX for higher education within the first 90 days of employment and annually.

Student Training

Title IX prevention education is required for incoming students during new student orientation prior to the beginning of every quarter. Title IX education is also facilitated every quarter for all student athletes.

Title IX Team Training

The Title IX Coordinator leads the Title IX Team, which includes Deputy Title IX Coordinators, Title IX Investigators and Decision-Makers. The members of the team have completed extensive training and/or certification programs to prepare them to fulfill their respective responsibilities within the process. Team members receive annual and ongoing training on a variety of relevant federal and state requirements.

Training Material

Title IX Coordinator
ATIXA TIX Coordinator III Compliance and Case Management
ATIXA TIX Coordinator IV Advocacy, Prevention and Trauma2021
ATIXA TIX Civil Rights Investigator Training
ATIXA Intersection of Disability and TIX
ATIXA TIX Coordinator and Administrator I

Title IX Investigators

Title IX Decision-Makers

Title IX Advisors