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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Dr. Rob Scott, President of Life University
student ambassador logo
Dr. Lisa Rubin
Student Ambassador Advisor
CARE Case Manager

Adjunct Faculty College of Chiropractic

Verónica García-Chaparro, DC
Student Ambassador Advisory Board Representative
After I attended Life Leadership Weekend on August 2012 and experienced the importance of a student’s perspective in my decision to transferring to Life University, I knew it was an absolute for me to become a Student Ambassador. In Spring 2017, I applied and became a Life University Student Ambassador which provided me a platform to grow significantly as a leader, public speaker, develop outstanding organization skills and build relationships to last a lifetime. While in the organization, I chose to step into a leadership position by becoming part of the Executive Board as the Recruitment Coordinator. This allowed me to explore my management skills and evolve our recruitment program to reflect the integrity of the team. After graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic in March 2019, I was invited to comeback as part of the Student Ambassador Advisory Board to mentor and guide the current Student Ambassadors to step into the leaders they were meant to be. Getting uncomfortable is hard, but it also allows you to step into the greatness you were born for. The Life University Student Ambassador group enhanced my experience as a student and I am honored to serve and give back as an Alum.

Ambassador Testimonials

Read How Student Ambassadors Represent Life University and Lasting Purpose.

Student Ambassadors Celebrate Founders Day.

Founders Day 2022


Our Mission

The Mission of the Life University Student Ambassadors is to promote the vision, growth and quality of Life University by optimizing the experience of current students, prospective students and special guests.


What We Believe

We believe in fulfilling the Lasting Purpose while upholding the core proficiencies of Life University. We strive to inspire millions about their own lives and we seek opportunities to serve out of abundance and love.

Who We Are

Life University Student Ambassadors are an honorary group of students who participate in public relations activities for Life University. Student Ambassadors represent the vision of Life University and the President’s office by serving as the liaison to prospective students, leaders in healthcare professions and the greater community.

What We Do

The following are some examples of how Student Ambassadors help serve on campus:

  • Represent the President’s Office
    • President of the University
  • University Public Relations
    • Special Guest Tours
    • Special Events
      • Founder’s Day: Chiropractic’s Birthday
  • Serve
    • LIFE Leadership Weekend
    • Eagle Madness
    • Weekly Campus Tours
    • Graduation Hosts
    • Recruitment Webinars


We want to share the excitement and passion Student Ambassadors have for the role we serve on and off campus under the Executive office and working directly with President Dr Rob Scott.  We would like to invite you to join us at upcoming events for interested applicants.  Please watch for posted events to learn more about our team or contact us at  or contact Dr Lisa E. Rubin, Student Ambassador Advisor at with any questions.

*To be eligible as a Student Ambassador applicant, you must be an active enrolled Life University student. Prospective Student Ambassadors must be in good academic standing and maintain a behavior that is in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Read Our Stories

Read stories and watch videos about past and present Student Ambassadors as they navigate their time at Life University.

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Congrats to our new Student Ambassadors Winter 2022

Left to right: Catherine Clement, Eli Voyles, Sherybel Berrios Ramos

Why did you become a Student Ambassador?
“I became an ambassador because I believe that the world is in desperate need of principled chiropractors and vitalistic visionaries, and I would do anything in my power to make that happen.”

Why do you enjoy it?
“I love interacting with prospective students and special guests. There is no better feeling than seeing them begin to own the vitalistic philosophy and getting excited about serving the masses.”

Student Ambassadors

Hannah Kurbs
New York

Tessie Van Vleet

Annaliese Froese

Jesslian Rosa
Puerto Rico

Robert Schaefer

Cheyanne Nance-Butler

Sydney Rutkowski

Fabiola Hoyo
Puerto Rico

Austin Koziol
New Jersey