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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Dr. Rob Scott
President Life University

Dr. Lisa Rubin
Student Ambassador Advisor
Student Ambassadors:
Are an honorary group of students who participate in public relations activities for Life University.

Is to represent the vision of Life University under the President’s office by serving as the liaison to prospective students, leaders in healthcare professions and the greater community.

To promote the vision, growth, and quality of Life University, by optimizing the experience of current students, prospective students, and special guests.

To inspire millions about their own lives while seeking opportunities to serve out of abundance and love.

In fulfilling Lasting Purpose while upholding the Life Core Proficiencies.

Come join the Student Ambassador team by emailing


The Student Ambassadors host this annual celebration of the founding of Chiropractic. Read more about this tradition here.

The Student Ambassadors are an integral piece of the functioning of many of Life University events. Read a profile of this organization here.

Student Ambassadors at Club Day Summer 2023

Left to right: Back row: Patrick, Eli, Cade, Katie, Jodeci
Front row: Christian, Kaira, Catherine, Madelyn, Farrah, Cortney, Kaira

Congratulations to Our Newest Student Ambassadors for Summer 2023!

Left to right: Christian, Jodeci, Cade

Student Ambassadors Host June 2023 Graduation

Left to right: Jodeci, Sherybel, Eli, Christian, Cade, Madelyn, Patrick, Kaira, Catherine, Cortney, Katie

Congratulations to the new Student Ambassador Executive Board

Left to right: Sherybel (Coordinator), Eli (Mentor), Kaira (Secretary/Treasurer)

Student Ambassadors Host March 2023 Graduation

Left to right: Christian, Sherybel, Dr Scott, Katie, Madelyn, Cade, Eli, Kaira

Congratulations to Our Newest Student Ambassadors for Spring 2023!

Madelyn Hinrichs

student ambassadors at December 2022 graduation

Student Ambassadors Host December 2022 Graduation

Left to right: Kyle, Catherine, Eli, Cheyanne, Sherybel, Dr Rob Scott, Kaira, Cortney, Katie

Congratulations to Our Newest Student Ambassadors for Summer 2022!

Cortney Blake

Congratulations to Our Newest Student Ambassadors for Fall 2022!

Left to right: Kaira Rodriguez Benitez, Katie Kim

Student Ambassadors at the Annual Founders Day Celebration

Left to right: Cortney, Catherine, Sherybel, Eli, Sydney, Kaira, Katie

Be an Ambassador!

The Mission of the Life University Student Ambassadors is to promote the vision, growth and quality of Life University by optimizing the experience of current students, prospective students and special guests.

We want to share the excitement and passion Student Ambassadors have for the role we serve on and off campus under the Executive office and working directly with President Dr Rob Scott. We would like to invite you to join us at upcoming events for interested applicants. Please watch for posted events to learn more about our team or contact us at or contact Dr Lisa E. Rubin, Student Ambassador Advisor at with any questions.

*To be eligible as a Student Ambassador applicant, you must be an active enrolled Life University student. Prospective Student Ambassadors must be in good academic standing and maintain a behavior that is in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Current Student Ambassadors

Senior Student Ambassadors