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Buenos Aires, the capital and largest city of Argentina, is located on the western shore of Rio de la Plata on the country’s southeastern coast. Buenos Aires has a sub-tropical climate with humid summers and mild winters. The official language is Spanish.

We have two PEAK opportunities in Argentina. The first PEAK clinic is Vida Chiropractic and is owned by Dr. David Serio, a Sherman graduate. Dr. Serio is passionate about patient education and requires all patients to attend a class before beginning care. In addition to running a full-time practice in San Isidro, a beautiful suburb of Buenos Aires, he also sees patients in downtown Buenos Aires one day a week.

The second PEAK opportunity in Argentina is at Family Chiropractic, owned by Dr. Craig Ingram Penny. This clinic is in a high-rise of a lively Buenos Aires suburb called Belgrano. After graduating from Life University, Dr. Penny moved to Buenos Aires with no knowledge of Spanish and no set business plan. He has come a long way since then and will teach students about running an efficient, cost-effective practice abroad. Dr. Penny does a great deal of volunteer work at a local orphanage.