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General Safety Information

General Safety Information

Security Procedures and Access to Campus Facilities

The Campus Safety Department monitors all access to campus facilities. The campus is regularly patrolled, and facilities are locked and unlocked at appropriate times. All users of the University facilities are encouraged to express safety concerns they have while on campus by contacting the Campus Safety Department. Remember to always have your University ID on you, especially if you need assistance to get into a secured building or space.

In the event that the campus has to be locked down, each classroom has a key that enables the occupants to lock the doors from the inside. The key is located in a red emergency box inside the classroom near the entry door. The following link, click here, has video instructions on how to lock the doors.

Alcohol Policy

The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21. It is unlawful to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages on this campus under the legal age. It is unlawful to misrepresent age or provide identification to someone else who is under the legal drinking age. Life University Campus Safety enforces all laws pertaining to the serving of alcohol in any manner that induces a person to consume alcohol by contest or challenge.

The Life University Campus Safety Department strongly supports state DUI laws, as defined in Georgia Code 40-6-391 and will partner with local law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of the LIFE community and adjacent residents and businesses. The Life University Student Handbook defines the rules applied to alcohol service on campus with regard to license holders and locations. All rules and regulations pertaining to alcohol are enforced by the Life University Campus Safety Department and/or the Office of Student Conduct.

Solicitation Policy

Faculty, staff, students and visitors to Life University should refrain from soliciting on campus. Solicitation for humanitarian causes or with special merit may be conducted with the appropriate approval from the President’s Office or Vice President of Student Affairs. Outside agents are not permitted to solicit on campus. “Solicitation” is interpreted to refer to any door-to-door residential solicitation of employees or students at their places of work, in study areas, Library or other areas on campus, including the placing of flyers on vehicle windshields, posting flyers on or in any buildings or the use of donation receptacles. Any student or group must have its solicitation approved by either the President’s Office or the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Any unauthorized solicitors should be reported immediately to Campus Safety.

Firearms Policy

Firearms and weapons are not permitted on the campus at any time except for duly authorized state and federal certified law enforcement officers. Any law enforcement officer visiting campus or attending classes must register with the Campus Safety Department prior to proceeding to their desired locations. Offenses involving firearms and weapons will be handled through criminal procedures and/or by the Conduct Review Board of the Executive Director of Student Affairs.

Lost & Found

The Campus Safety Department will maintain lost and found items for a minimum of 60 days from the date an item was received by our office. Once the item is recorded, the item will be listed with other items until it is purged. The list of items will be available during the regular office hours between 7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Monday-Friday except Holidays and school closings.

Jump Start Services

Jump start service for vehicles with dead batteries. Campus Safety can only use the Jump Box to start vehicles. Campus Safety cannot use a Patrol Vehicle to directly jump start any vehicle due to liability concerns. Campus Safety Officers are not trained mechanics, so if the vehicle needs assistance beyond the capabilities of the Jump Box, an outside service provider or roadside assistance will need to be called.

Notary Services

Notary Public services are available to the entire Life University community from 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please remember to bring all documentation and proper ID.

Sex Offender Registry

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), in accordance with federal, state and local codes, is required to act as the repository for registration information concerning those persons convicted of a sex crime who reside within the state of Georgia. Information may be obtained on individuals who are registered as sex offenders by visiting: Georgia Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Registry.

Georgia Sex Offender Registry

Other Local Agencies

Life University maintains excellent partnerships with other local agencies. These agencies include:

  • Cobb County Police Department
  • Cobb County Government
  • Dobbins Air Force Reserve Base
  • Marietta Police Department
  • Marietta Fire Department
  • Marietta City Government
  • Area Hospitals