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Honor Code

Honor Code

This Honor Code was developed following discussions among a broad range of constituencies within LIFE University, encompassing students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees. This Honor Code is a living document that will evolve with time, in order to better foster and advance an environment of ethical conduct in its academic community, this Honor Code is a living document. LIFE University may amend both the substantive requirements and the enforcement procedures contained herein to reflect experience gained from its implementation.

All members of the LIFE University community are entrusted with the responsibility of upholding ethical standards and values. Essential to the fundamental purpose of LIFE University is a personal commitment to the principles of Integrity and Citizenship.

Integrity provides the underpinning for the responsible exercise of our rights and responsibilities as civil human beings within our community. Integrity leads to empowerment and excellence. LIFE University teaches students how to achieve and maintain personal integrity and function as responsible citizens within the academic, health care and larger communities.

Life University Honor Code and Standards of Conduct