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Life University

The online community is deeply connected to the vitalistic philosophy that is the backbone of our campus. LIFE Online allows everyone access to our leading-edge programs with added flexibility and a foundation of Vitalism.

You shouldn’t be held back from a rare educational opportunity because of time constraints or distance. LIFE Online strives to give exemplary innovators a chance at an individualized education on and off campus. We are expanding our program within the calendar year and will be adding more programs that will equip us to reach more online students who are ready to think differently and become agents of change.

LIFE’s Master’s in Positive Psychology programs are among the most unique and forward-thinking in the world. LIFE’s psychology students, both on-campus and online, are taught to emphasize their inborn human capacities for love, courage, forgiveness, wisdom and interpersonal connection. LIFE’s students are not only a health-conscious student body, but also a mind-conscious one, realizing that rather than investigating what makes an unhappy life, the focus should be on what makes a happy one by studying positive habits such as gratitude, compassion and forgiveness.

Master of Science in Positive Psychology

Life University offers an online program within two concentrations of its Master of Science in Positive Psychology program (Coaching Psychology and General concentrations only).

The M.S. in Positive Psychology has three total concentrations – Coaching Psychology, Secular Ethics and Contemplative Science and General. Both the Coaching Psychology and General concentrations will have all classes online, while the Secular Ethics and Contemplative Science concentration will be offered only on the Life University campus.

The Coaching Psychology and General concentrations will have three weekend residential retreats (one per quarter). For more information, please visit the M.S. in Positive Psychology page.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Pre-D.C. Pathway

Associate of Science in Health and Wellness


Positive Psychology MS Degrees Nationwide


Higher Online Enrollment than Traditional


Earn your degree in under a year