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Academic Support FAQ


What is Academic Support?

Academic Support are learning services that provide students with the resources needed for academic success and study skills enhancement. SSC Academic Support offers the following services: Supplemental Instruction (SI), Tutoring, online tutoring, Multicultural Academic Support Program (Global Voices and AALPHA), educational workshops, peer mentoring, and learning resources centers.

I’ve been hearing about SI sessions in my DC classes. What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program that targets historically difficult courses. SI is a non-remedial approach to learning enrichment designed to increase student performance and retention. SI offers regularly scheduled, out-of-class review sessions to all students enrolled in targeted courses. SI study sessions are informal seminars in which students review notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and prepare for examinations. Students learn how to integrate course content with reasoning and study skills (University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2018).

What is a SI leader?

SI Leaders are students who have previously taken the course and have earned an “A” in the course. Faculty typically recommend the leaders who facilitate the SI sessions. SI Leaders undergo a vigorous training and are prepared to share effective study techniques/tools that are beneficial in the course.

Does Academic Support Services offer tutoring services for undergraduate students?

Yes, Academic Support Services offers tutoring. Tutoring sessions are drop-in sessions. If tutoring services are not offered, students can stop by the SSC and complete a tutoring subject request form.
Student are also encouraged to contact their faculty for further assistance.

How will I know if SI and/or tutoring sessions are available in my courses?

The SI Leader will make an announcement about available sessions within the first 2 weeks of class for the corresponding course with the time and locations for the sessions. Hard copies of the SI and tutoring schedules are available in the following locations: (1) SSC main office (CCE building) and (2) CGUS 218/219. Electronic copies of the schedules can be accessed through Blackboard SSC course and thought the SSC Life Facebook official page.

I am having trouble with my homework at home. Does Life University offer an online tutoring service to its students?

Life University Academic Support offers online tutoring and writing services through Smarthinking which is appropriate for a variety of institutional models and support online or on-campus students. Students can connect on demand with an expert tutor for a drop-in session 24 hours a day, schedule an appointment in advance, submit writing for detailed review, or ask a question offline. Students can access the site through any of their course’s Blackboard page.

What is the cost to attend a SI and/or tutoring session?

SI/Tutoring sessions are free to students. Students are encouraged to come as often as they like; however, statistics show that the more frequently students attend the sessions, the better their grades are (University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2018).

Are there any educational workshops that I can attend to assist with the transition?

Yes, there are educational workshops for Life University students. Educational Workshops include such topics as effective learning strategies, learning styles, study habits, goal setting, and time management. The workshops vary from interactive processes to individual one-on-one workshops by appointment. Please refer to the Workshop Schedule for dates, times, and locations of workshops. Students can pick up a hard copy of the quarterly workshop schedule in the SSC in the CCE building or in CGUS 218/219. Electronic versions of the schedule can be accessed via the SSC Blackboard page and/or the Life University SSC Facebook page.

What are the Student Success Center’s Learning Resource Centers?

Open Learning Resource Centers provide a comfortable place to work on assignments and study while the student is on campus. The Learning Resource Centers are open to all Life University students. Each Learning Resource Center has resources that are beneficial to support the students’ academic achievement at Life University.

Where are the Learning Labs located? What are the hours of operation?

There are three Student Success Center Learning Labs. The Learning Labs are located in CCE 109, CGUS 217, CGUS 218/219. Hours vary according to each Learning Resource Center.

Where can I find out more information of the services that the SSC Academic Support provides Life University students?

If you are on-campus, you can stop by our office. We are located in the Student Success Center in the Center for Chiropractic Education Building (CCE). You may also contact us by telephone at 770-426-2725 or email

Request Academic Support Assistance

Academic Support

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Questions or Comments
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Academic Support at 678.331.4570.