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Online Photo Submission

Life U ID Card Photo Submission

Life U ID Card Photo Submission

Now it is easier than ever to get your Eagle Card! Instead of standing in a line to have your photo taken, you can submit your own photo online in an easy process that takes less than two minutes to complete.

How Do I Submit My Photo?

How Do I Receive My ID Card?

Card Services now offers mobile Eagle Cards to all students. Residential students who submitted an approved photo online will gain access to their mobile credentials quicker which will provide them with faster access to their residential doors. Commuter students can receive their mobile eagle cards by visiting the following link Get Mobile Eagle Card .

Photo FAQ’s

What type of camera do I need to use for the photo?

The camera on your cell phone, computer, or any digital camera, as long as it takes clear pictures.

Can I submit a new photo?

Once your photo is accepted, you cannot submit a new image.

What if my photo is denied?

You will receive a link to resubmit in the email denying your photo’s approval.

I’ve changed my name. Can I get a new Eagle Card?

Preferred and legal name changes should be made by completing and submitting forms at the Student Advocacy Desk in the Learning Resource Building.

How do I know if my photo is approved?

Check your email. If photo is approved no further action is necessary!