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Transient Students

Transient Students

A Life University student who wants to take a course at another school

1. Submit the Transient Request form to your advisor.  Some schools require a copy of the signed form to be sent to them.  Indicate on the form if you need that.

  1. Once approved, you can apply, register, and complete your courses at your other institution.
  2. After grades post, send your transcript to LIFE so we can award the credit and remove your account restriction.

A student from another school who wants to take a course at Life University

1. Apply to Life University as a Nonmatriculating Student.

  1. Once accepted, submit the Nonmatriculation Registration request form to be registered.
  2. Log in to EagleNet to view your schedule, pay for your courses, and access your student account.
  3. Then, once grades post, order your transcripts here and have them sent back to your home institution.

Review Life University’s Transient Student Policy here.