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Registration for Classes



A student will be denied unsupervised registration if a hold has been placed on that student’s records. Holds include (but are not limited to):

Academic Actions Pending: (Must clear through Student Affairs)
There is pending academic or disciplinary action.

Accounting Hold: (Must clear through Student Accounts)
For any unpaid balance owed to Life University.

Academic Restriction Hold:
Academic status is not in good standing/not achieving satisfactory academic progress within student’s program of study.

Advisor Hold: (See respective Advisor)

Library Hold: (Must clear through the library)
For overdue books/unpaid fines.

Missing Documents Hold: (Must clear through the Registrar)
If you have any missing admissions documents, a hold will be placed on your account preventing you from registering. You will be notified by the end of week 4 if you have a missing document hold.

Performance Contract Hold: (See respective Advisor)
Unfulfilled admission or academic restriction contracts or incomplete admission documentation.


Remember: You are responsible for your registration and your education. Register at your assigned time only.

You will not be able to register before your designated time. If you try to register before your designated time, you will receive an error message.

 DCP students should register for an assembly every quarter.

Unresolved Financial Obligations
EagleNet will not allow students with unresolved financial obligations to register (See Accounting and/or Library Holds above).

If you have an outstanding balance, you must contact Student Accounts and resolve your financial obligation before you will be allowed to register.

Independent Study
A student needing an independent study course should meet with their respective Advisor and Dean to obtain written permission.

Auditing Courses – Policy and Procedure
Students wishing to “audit” classes must obtain written permission.

Financial Aid monies are not available for audited classes nor can audited classes be used toward “Satisfactory Academic Progress” (SAP).

 Course Audit forms are held and processed on the last day of registration each quarter (Friday of Week 1). Auditing placement is based upon seating availability. Proper paperwork obtained complete and submitted before the quarter begins. Students should attend planned classes while waiting for the paperwork to be processed. Accepted students’ names should appear on the official class roster of the courses audited. The courses being audited should also appear on the student’s approved schedule of courses.

No degree credit is granted for courses scheduled on an auditing basis, and students are not permitted to change to or from an auditing status except through the regular procedures for schedule change. The grade for auditing is AU (Audited). The grade of AU will have no effect upon the student’s grade point average, and students will not be permitted to have the audit grade changed at any future date.

Full-time UG students may audit a course in addition to their 20-hour limit, and dual degree DC students may audit a course in addition to their 31 hours. Auditing is available to students, staff and faculty as well as interested persons from the general public. Students who audit a course will be charged $100.00 per course.