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Life U Shop

Life U Shop

The Life U Shop at Lufe University is your first stop for everything to get your quarter started. From office products and accessories, to clinic jackets and spirit wear, we have the supplies you need and the gear you’ll want.

All classroom textbooks are sold through our online portal, but we offer a select few titles (and merchandise) in store, written or created by current faculty and alumni.

The Shipping Center is now located in the rear of the shop, and can be used to send everything from a USPS 1st Class letter to an International DHL package. Packaging, tape and even envelopes are available for sale as well.

Interdepartmental Orders

  • Go to the Life U Shop and select the items you’d like to purchase using the in-store order form.
  • One of the Life U Shop staff members will key your request into DocuSign for department approval.
  • Once your order has been approved by your Department head, the Life U Shop will pull your order, and send you an email for merchandise pickup.

Vendor Consignment Policy

The Life U Shop receives numerous requests regarding placing vendor product in our store for sale. Most of our product comes from local vendors to invest in our local economy and show our community support. We have allocated additional retail support for our alumni and recommended University supporters, by allowing consignment of their product in our shop. We have reserved ten (10) vendor slots for this purpose, with a maximum of 3 unique items per vendor.  To read the full consignment policy and submit your request, click this link.

Shop Hours
Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

The Life U Shop is in the Center for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies (CGUS), just off Socrates Café. The online store can be found at