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IT Help Desk

Help Desk

Information Technology

Life University’s Information Technology (IT) Help Desk is available to assist LIFE students, faculty and staff with questions and issues surrounding our on-campus technology, including Life University computer networks, servers, hardware (computers, printers/faxes, Polycom phones, etc.), software (BlackBoard, WebAdvisor, Basecamp, EagleNet, etc.), LIFE’s website, email accounts and more. Students, faculty and staff can access the IT Help Desk by submitting an IT request.

Emergency Contact Information

As part of Life University’s commitment to providing a safe working environment, we have enacted the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) – a protocol for procedures in the event of any emergency that affects the campus, students, faculty, staff or visitors to the campus.  One of the key aspects of the EAP is communication.  LIFE has set up an Emergency Notification System (ENS) whereby all constituents of Life University are notified of emergencies via SMS text messaging, email and/or Alertus beacons.

In order for you to receive such communication, you MUST ensure your contact information and preferences are up-to-date and accurate.  In order to make sure of this, you will need to log onto EagleNet and click on “User Options,” then “Emergency Information” and then “User Profile.”

To update your Emergency Information, click here.