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Visitor Parking / Temporary Parking Permits

All visitors to the Life University campus are required to come to the Campus Safety Department upon their arrival to campus. The Campus Safety Department is located at 1085 Barclay Circle (Click here for Campus Map.) Additionally, any unregistered car on campus (one that does not have a current Life University parking decal or hanger) will need to obtain a temporary pass. Temporary parking passes must be always displayed on the front dash of the vehicle.

If you have a scheduled appointment with a faculty or staff member, you can obtain a visitor’s parking pass ahead of time directly from the person you are visiting. This temporary visitor’s parking pass will be sent to you via email as a PDF document containing the specific date and time you will be on campus. You will need to print this pass out and display it clearly on your dashboard when you are on campus. If you have any questions, please contact the Campus Safety Department at 770.426.2681.

Life University Vehicle Registration Process

All vehicles on Life University property are required to be registered and display a parking decal, hang tag or temporary permit in accordance with listed guidelines. The decals or permits can be obtained at the Campus Safety Department office located at 1085 Barclay Circle, Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., excluding holidays and other school closing days. A valid Driver’s License, LIFE ID and Vehicle Registration are required to obtain a parking decal. Valid ID is needed for a Temp Pass.

Life University provides parking for vehicles that display a valid parking decal, which must be affixed as prescribed. A valid parking decal should be affixed on the lower left side of the rear window on the outside of the vehicle or on the stationary portion of the fork on motorcycles. Valid temporary decals must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle with identification information being clearly visible to the outside. Convertibles or cars with louvers may place the decal on the outside on the front windshield in a place not to block your vision while driving. Note: Decals must be affixed by Friday of the first week of class for new students. Only one decal per student, staff or faculty. If multiple vehicles are driven a hanger may be obtained for a $25.00 deposit (refunded when departing the University). The owner will be responsible for making sure that the hanger is in the vehicle being driven on to campus and that it is displayed once parked. Note, there are no hanging permits available for Resident Parking spaces at this time.

Decals and Hangers are issued at the Campus Safety Department. In some cases, a special designation/marking (e.g., student council officers, student ambassadors and medical waivers) may be issued to authorized persons. Only one special designation/marking will be issued for each authorized person. The type of designation will be determined by the Campus Safety Department.

The following information is required:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Valid Vehicle Registration
  • Life University ID

Parking & Decals

Day time Restricted Parking Hours 6:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (6:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m., C-HOP Clinic)

See Campus Map for Lot Details.

Students, during restricted parking, must park only in areas designated for student parking as indicated below and must have active decals. Parking is restricted Monday through Friday except holidays and school breaks. Failure to comply will result in fines, barnacle or towing. Parking Lots are designated as follows:

  • Faculty and Staff: to purchase a hang tag, please click here to access the Life U Marketplace. At the Marketplace, click on “Campus Safety.” Once in the store, the hang tag can be purchased. Once the purchase has been made, the employee can go to Campus Safety to pick up the hang tag.
  • LIFE Village Retreat Residents: Residents who live in the LVR must have a Red Decal and must park in the Parking Deck during overnight hours, Midnight-6:00 a.m. They may use Regular Student parking during the day.
  • Commons Residents: Residents who live in the Commons must have a Red decal and must park in J Lot during overnight hours, Midnight-6:00 a.m. They may use Regular Student parking during the day.
  • Student General Parking: Students commuting to campus must have a Green Decal and must park in the designated lots with yellow parking lines, overflow lots or non-reserved spaces in the Parking Deck.
  • Patients, Faculty/Staff/Students parking at the C-HOP parking lot (6:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.) must park in the designated spaces (Patients in front and on the side of the building, Employees in back in the white lined spaces, Student’s in back in the yellow lined spaces) within the lot. Overflow parking is available at A, G, K Lots. Shuttle service is available. Student patients or patients driving a student vehicle must get a pass from the clinic to show they are being treated.
  • LIFE Center for Seniors: The people who are members of the LCS program will be issued a Gray Decal and can park in Student and Employee areas to partake in classes or treatment being offered in the Life University Fitness Center, Upper and Lower Gym, and at the Clinics.
  • Carpool: is discontinued.
  • Blue decals: are issued to those individuals with excessive parking violations and are restricted to parking in K Lot only. They may park elsewhere on campus from 5:00 p.m.-Midnight.
  • Accessible Parking
    Life University honors valid disability placards and plates from all states. It is our policy to ticket and impound vehicles occupying handicap-parking spaces without displaying the proper placard or plate; the fine is $100.00. Life University adheres to the requirements for disability parking set forth in the Georgia Code Section 40-6-222. The student must also obtain the proper color decal, which must be affixed to the vehicle in accordance with guidelines. The valid state issued decal/placard and/or plate must be registered with the Public Safety Department. Note: The decal/placard and/or plate are issued to the person and not the vehicle; therefore, the person using the decal/placard and/or plate must be the same person to whom the decal/placard or plate was issued.

Open Parking is from 5:00 p.m.-Midnight, Monday through Friday and 6:00 a.m.-Midnight, Saturday and Sunday.

This means that any vehicle with a Decal, Hanger or Pass may park in any open NORMAL parking space. Any reserve markings (Handicap, Student Ambassador, Student Council or markings that reserve a space for a specific person or purpose) are still in effect. Please note that students, staff or faculty are not visitors and should not take away those spaces from the true visitors to our campus. See Loading and Unloading Zone below. Handicap spaces at no time are to be used as unloading areas.

Overnight Parking is from Midnight-6:00 a.m., 7 days a week.

Residents must be in their respective lot or level of the parking deck. There should be no nonresidents on campus overnight except for student-athletes who are traveling with their team. See the Campus Map. Anyone not in the designated areas will be ticketed, Barnacled or towed as required.

Other Parking Passes

All drivers of vehicles wishing to park on campus must have a pass issued by a department that they are visiting, or they must come to the Campus Safety Department located at 1085 Barclay Circle to obtain a temporary pass for any of the following reasons.

  • Driving an unregistered car on campus (Does not have a current University decal, rental, borrowed car, etc.).
  • Spouse, girl/boyfriend, acquaintance or patient drives a student owned car on campus, (Failure to obtain a pass may subject the car to being towed). Student Spouse passes are available for the current quarter and maybe used in student parking only.
  • Visitors: The permit should be always displayed on the front dash of the vehicle while on Life University property.
  • Injury Passes: Documentation and an Injury Pass Application is needed to obtain an Injury Pass from Campus Safety. The pass allows a person to park in the closest available non-reserve space available in any lot. This pass does not allow anyone to use Handicap Parking. Handicap Parking is by State issue permit only.

Loading and Unloading Zones

Any unattended vehicles in a loading/unloading zone will be subject to being towed unless:

  • The flashers are on.
  • The vehicle is not there for more than 10 minutes.
  • The vehicle is attended by a person who can legally drive, has the keys and can move the vehicle in an emergency situation.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations & Guidelines for Use

There are two ChargePoint EV charging stations in the LIFE Village Retreat (LVR) parking deck. Each charging station accommodates two cars, so a total of four EVs can charge at the same time. They are located on the lower level of the LVR parking deck, on the right as you exit. These four spaces are reserved for parking/charging EV cars ONLY with stiff penalties for violators. If you already have a ChargePoint account, you should be set. If not, you will want to get one soon for your EV.

Charging Guidelines:


  • ChargePoint charging stations have many built-in safety features to minimize the potential for vehicle damage, possible electrical injury, cord management and tripping hazards.
  • Life University assumes no liability for any theft, loss, injury or damage resulting from, or occurring in connection with, the use of EV charging stations.

Charging Etiquette:

  • Charging stations are considered a shared resource and should be treated as a privilege, not as a right, for eligible users.
  • EVs that have a full charge, or reached the limit of allowed time, sometimes block the use of other EVs that need a charge. The three-hour time maximums must be strictly adhered to regardless of whether the vehicle is fully charged or not.
  • EVs parked in nearby or adjacent spaces to the designated charging areas, utilizing the charging stations, will be ticketed by Campus Safety. Subsequent violations could result in revoking of on-campus parking privilege.
  • EVs remaining in charging station parking longer than three hours will be towed or windshield blocker at owner’s expense. No exceptions.


  • EV stations at Life University are meant to be “top off” locations to enable EV commuters to get safely home.
  • LIFE Community EV drivers utilizing our new charging stations will need to work out scheduling issues with supervisors for moving vehicles during the workday, always keeping the strict three-hour maximum charging limit in mind.
  • Charging stations may be closed by Campus Safety due to special events or by Facilities Management due to maintenance, construction, vandalism or other instances where they become inoperative.


  • There will be a three-hour parking/charging limit. No exceptions!
  • All vehicles will be subject to tow or windshield blocker at owner’s expense after three hours.
  • Non-EV Cars will be towed immediately at owner’s expense.
  • Vehicle owner accepts all responsibility for using the station.

Fees for use:

LIFE students, faculty and staff:

First 45 minutes: free
Second 45-minute increment: $2.50
Subsequent 45-minute increments: $5.00 each

Visitor Fees:

First 45 minutes: $2.50
Subsequent 45-minute increments: $5.00 each

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