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M.S. in Sport Health Science 2023

M.S. Degree in Sport Health Science

Master’s Degree in Sport Health Science

Our Master of Science Sport Health Science degree program explores numerous aspects of optimal human performance, from the elite athlete to members of the community improving their fitness. Life University’s unparalleled master’s program in Sport Health Science is designed to advance your undergraduate and professional knowledge, experience and passion for human athletic performance. With extensive, hands-on labs, practicums and internships available both on and off campus, you won’t have to wait until after graduation to get in the game.



Samenna White, B.S. Student

Sport Health Science EDUCATION

What You’ll Learn

#1 – 52-credit hour program (approximately four quarters long).

#2 – Includes specialty tracks in the following professional fields:
Exercise and Sport Science
Sport Injury Management
Sport Coaching
Nutrition and Sport Science
Chiropractic Sport Science

#3 – Curriculum is designed to permit graduates with an interest in these specific sport health science concentrations to realize their personal and professional goals.

Program Design

For more information on degree specifics, requirements and curriculum offerings, please visit <Loading….

Career Opportunities

Our five specialty tracks prepare graduates for careers in fields such as:

  • Cardiac rehabilitation, clinical exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, health club management, preventive medicine, and corporate fitness, as well as for further study in doctoral programs.
  • Sport Health Science and Nutrition
  • Sport Coaching and Injury Rehabilitation

Sport Health Science CAREER

  • From the Bureau of Labor Statistics: About 1,700 openings for exercise physiologists are projected each year, on average, over the decade.
  • From the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Overall employment of exercise physiologist9 is projected to grow 6 percent from 2021 to 2031, faster than the average for all occupations.


D.C. Alumnus
Current M.S. in Sport Health Science student

“A Big Heart and a Passion for Heart Variability Research”

Dr. Tom Le Lievre was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands, a self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom (UK). As a student-athlete, Dr. Le Lievre became a patient of Jean-Pierre Meersseman, D.C., the former Medical Team Director at AC Milan football club, and developed an interest in Chiropractic through that experience.

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D.C. student, Master of Sport Health Science student, Sports Chiropractic Club President

“A Rising Tide Raises All Ships”

Native Floridian Paul Boss spent a fair amount of his early years with family and friends outdoors, at the beach and on the water. He lived with his mom, his brother Kyle and sister Lauren, and he also has a long-term girlfriend named Mackenzie currently studying Optometry back in his home state. Reflecting on his past, Boss remarked that it was inspiring for him to see how his mom “worked hard to pour into [them] everything that she had to watch [them] succeed.”

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Life U Academic