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Graduation Ceremony

Graduating Student Ceremony Instructions

The following instructions are for DC, Graduate and Undergraduate students.

Before you arrive on campus:

  • Give your guests their tickets for the reception after the Commencement Ceremony
  • Leave all personal belongings with family/friends
  • Make sure you have your cap, gown, tassel
    • Hood – DC, Master’s students only
    • Name card

Arrive on campus:

  • Report to the Sport Health Science Bldg. 2nd floor student check-in area by the Student Services Office 45 minutes prior to your ceremony start time.
  • Check in with staff and receive your name card.
  • Go to the line-up area 1st floor of the SHS bldg.
  • Do not leave personal items behind; the space will not be secured during the ceremony.

Processional (entering ceremony):

  • Approximately 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time, you will begin to line up in two columns.
  • Move to your seat, but do not sit until directed to do so by the grand marshal.


  • By department, students will be directed to approach the stage.
  • Hand your name card to the commencement reader.
  • All students walk across the stage, shake hands and get photographed with the president.
    • You will receive a diploma cover at Commencement, and diplomas will be mailed 6-8 weeks following Commencement.
  • After exiting the stage, you will have a professional photograph.
  • Return to your seat, but remain standing until you are instructed to be seated by your school’s dean.