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Fitness at Life University

Come into the Wellness Center to run, bike, lift weights, or attend one of our many fitness classes! Our facility offers the campus community a clean and safe environment for all your workout needs. Check us out on Engage!

Personal Training

Group trainers and personal one-on-one training is available to all Wellness Center users. Depending on your fitness goals, exercise experience, health history and commitment level, we will recommend the appropriate training program for you.

  • First visit is FREE for everyone
  • Students – $10 per visit
  • Faculty/Staff – $20 per visit
  • Members of the LCS program (Senior Citizens) – $10 per visit
  • Group Discounts Available
  • Personal Trainer Request Form



Olympic Lifting: Improve holistic levels of strength and fitness by developing speed, flexibility, and coordinated, total-body strength.

Pilates: Exercise that consists of flexibility, muscular control, and endurance movements.

Spin: A stationary cycle workout that is designed to simulate outdoor biking while improving aerobics and muscular endurance.

Tai Chi: Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and health benefits

Yoga: Designed to help improve the health, performance, and mental activity. It blends balance, strength, flexibility, and power in a fitness format delivered in a practical user-friendly style.

**Classes and class times may change each quarter. To find our full class offerings or more information, check out the Fitness Class Schedule and our Engage page**


Employment Opportunities

Wellness Center Student Supervisor: Wellness Center Supervisors are responsible for providing leadership and direction at the Wellness Center when dealing with day-to-day activities, special events, conflict, emergencies, and enforcement of campus and department policies.

Front Desk Clerk: Front Desk Clerks ensure authorized access to the Wellness Center as well as greet guests, address concerns, and maintain a clean and safe workout environment.

Personal Trainer: Personal Trainers instruct, motivate, and challenge clients by creating a personalized workout plan, assessing client progress, and assisting in injury prevention in 1-on-1 lessons. Certifications are encouraged, but not mandatory.

Fitness Instructor: Fitness Instructors understand trends in fitness to lead positive and upbeat group fitness classes on various activities while providing a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for participants.