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Workshops & Trainings

Workshops & Trainings


Fundamentals of Diversity & Inclusion in Education
Description: This workshop provides participants with a baseline understanding of the knowledge, skills, dispositions and actions necessary to advance multi-cultural competence at Life University. During this session, we examine how social identity, power and privilege shape the educational experiences of all social groups. Participants will explore the ways deeply hidden biases influence decision-making and how to disrupt these patterns with inclusive language and behaviors. This workshop is designed for groups and is presented in three-hour sessions.

Cultural Competency and Its Application at Life University
Description:Do you wonder how, when and where cultural competency principles can fit into your area or position as staff or faculty member at Life University. Dr. Charmaine Herman will provide you with the basic definition Cultural Competency; What it is and what it’s not. This workshop will provide opportunities for self-evaluation and real-life applications for how to integrate these principles into each area of Life University. This session is designed for online, individual or group delivery

Safe Space Awareness Training
Description: is meant to assist people who have asked for increased awareness regarding LGBTIQ+ inclusion. This program is one hour in length and is offered periodically throughout the year. This training can be offered to individual departments or organizations on campus.

Safe Space Ally Training
Description: Safe Space Ally Training prepares an all-volunteer corps of staff and faculty who have received specific training to have greater awareness of LGBTIQ+ issues and a demonstrated desire to stand with LGBTIQ+ students, staff and faculty in support of their equitable inclusion in campus life. This program is three hours in length and is offered twice in the Spring Quarter and twice in the Fall Quarter. Once you complete the training to become an ally, you are welcome to join the Safe Space Committee to assist in initiatives to make our campus a more inclusive environment for students, faculty and staff.

D&I Training for Student Organization Advisors
Description: This training is intended for any faculty/staff member who serves as advisor to a LIFE student organization(s). It provides information and tips that can be utilized to encourage student groups to be diverse and inclusive. Practical strategies for addressing concerns related to diversity and inclusion, within the student groups, will be provided. This workshop is one hour in length and can be delivered individually or in a group.

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